#EngTrivia: “One”/”Ones” as pronoun

“One” dan “ones digunakan saat kita menggabungkan 2 kalimat dengan objek yang sama, tapi dengan sifat yang lain.

Selain itu, “One” dan “ones” dipakai untuk menggantikan benda atau objek. Jadi, kita tidak perlu menuliskan kata benda setelah menggunakan salah satu dari kedua kata tersebut.

“One” digunakan untuk menggantikan kata benda (objek) tunggal, sedangkan “ones” digunakan untuk menggantikan objek jamak.

  • Contoh:
    • Herry is a friendly boy, but Jimmy is a talkative one.” (one menggantikan ‘boy’)
    • “My puppies are brown-white, but those ones are black.” (ones menggantikan ‘puppies’)

Perhatikan bahwa setelah menggunakan kata ganti “one”/”ones”, kata benda yang digantikan tidak perlu disebut kembali.

  • Contoh:
    • Benar: Herry is a friendly boy, but Jimmy is a talkative one.
    • Salah: Herry is a friendly boy, but Jimmy is a talkative one boy.



Choose True (T) or False (F), and correct the mistake.

  1. This woman is fat, but that one is thin.
  2. This long candle is white, but that short ones is red.
  3. This necklace is made of gold, but that ones is made of silver.
  4. These apples are red, but those one are green.
  5. These pens are ours, but those ones pens are theirs.
  6. We buy yellow shawls, but they buy green one.
  7. I shall buy a cheap drink, but he will buy an expensive ones.
  8. This problem is easy, but that one is difficult.
  9. That train might be old, but it is a fast one.
  10. He drives a red car, but his wife drives a white ones.



  1. T
  2. F (one)
  3. F (one)
  4. F (ones)
  5. F (those ones are)
  6. F (ones)
  7. F (one)
  8. T
  9. T
  10. F (one)


Compiled and written by @Miss_Qiak at @EnglishTips4U on Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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