#EngClass: subordinating conjunctions

Subordinating conjunctions digunakan untuk menggabungkan anak kalimat dengan kalimat utama. Conjunction tipe ini dapat dikelompokkan menjadi 5.

1. Untuk menyatakan waktu: after, before, when, while, as, since, until, till, as soon as, once, as long as, so long as, whenever, every time, the first time, the second time, the last time, the next time, by the time.

  • We will play football after we finish doing the homework.
  • We will leave as soon as the rain stops.

2. Untuk menyatakan sebab akibat: because, since, as, inasmuch as, now that, so… that, such… that.

  • He got an accident because he drove while he was drunk.
  • The soup is so hot that I can’t eat it.

3. Untuk menyatakan makna yang berlawanan: although, though, even though, whereas, while, no matter.

  • She’s is so rich, whereas his sister is poor.
  • No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t solve my family problem.

4. Untuk menyatakan tujuan: in order to, in order (that), so that.

  • I turned off the TV so that I could sleep well.
  • I turned off the TV in order (that) my sister could study well.

5.  Untuk menyatakan pengandaian: if, unless, only if, whether or not, even if, in the event, in case (that), providing (that), provided (that).

  • I will go to your house unless it rains.
  • I don’t care whether or not you want to go with me.
  • Even if my parents disagree, I’m going to marry you

Compiled by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on September 23, 2011

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