#IOTW: Idioms of The Week (4)

  1. Sluggish (dari kata ‘slug’ yang berarti siput.) Meaning: sangat lamban.
    • Example:
      • “She’s a sluggish worker.”
  2. Holy cow! Meaning: astaga!
    • Example:
      • Holy cow! Does he really care about what we eat?!”
  3. Henpecked. Meaning: suami yang takut dengan istri.
    • Example:
      • “Who is a hen-pecked husband?”
  4. Sitting duck. Meaning: tidak berdaya.
    • Example:
      • “That sweet old lady was a sitting duck for the aggressive salesman.”
  5. Ferret (dari hewan pengerat.) Meaning: mengorek.
    • Example:
      • “She ferreted out the truth.”
  6. Buy pig in a poke. Meaning: sama seperti ‘membeli kucing dalam karung.’
    • Example:
      • “Is it really a great deal or just a pig in a poke?”
  7. Swan song. Meaning: pertunjukan terakhir karir seseorang.
    • Example:
      • “She is ready for her swan song.
  8. Sheepish. Meaning: tersipu-sipu.
    • Example:
      • “A girl seemed sheepish when she visited her boyfriend.”
  9. Goatee. Meaning: jenggot yang panjang.
    • Example:
      • “Do you know how to grow a goatee?”
  10. Lion’s share. Meaning: porsi paling besar.
    • Example:
      • “The winner will get lion’s share of the contract!”

Compiled and writen by @Patipatigulipat at @EnglishTips4U on Saturday, September 10, 2011.



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