#GrammarTrivia: “make” vs “do”

DYK? “Make” and “do” can be confused in English because their meanings are so similar.

Since the difference between “make” and “do” is tested on the TOEFL, it is good to learn how to distinguish them.

  • “Make” has the idea of creating or constructing.
  • “Do” often has the idea of completing or performing.

Sederhananya, penggunaan “make” biasanya mengacu pada adanya perubahan dalam suatu proses, sedangkan “do” digunakan jika tidak ada perubahan.

Example for “make” usage:

  1. She likes to make her own clothes.
  2. Would you like to make a cake for dessert?

Example for “do” usage:

  1. The students are doing the assignments.
  2. This morning she did all the dishes.

Compiled by @ChatrineYK at  on September 06, 2011

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