#EngClass: Sentence

A sentence is the major unit of grammar for language, especially in written form. A sentence begins with a capital letter and ends with a period or full-stop [.] or sometimes with a question mark [?] or a exclamation mark [!].

Still remember what a clause is, right? Simple sentence consists of one clause; and more than one clause in a complex sentence. There are four sentence types, they are:

  1. a statement
    • Example:
      • “I like you.”
      • “She didn’t know you’re here.”
      • “We are happy it’s Ramadan again.”
  2. a question
    • Example:
      • “Are you OK?”
      • “Can you hear me?”
      • “Did you call me when I was doing my homework?”
  3. an imperative
    • Example:
      • “Open the door.”
      • “Stop writing.”
      • “Don’t cheat during the test.”
      • “Eat a lot of vegetables.”
  4. an exclamation
    • Example:
      • “What a great idea!”
      • “Wow, that was awesome!”
      • “Congratulations!”
      • “How lucky you are!”

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