#EngTips: “What is she/he like?” vs “What does she/he look like?”

DYK? What is the difference between the question (1) “What is she/he like?” and (2) “What does she/he look like?

(1) “What is she/he like?” digunakan untuk menanyakan deskripsi umum tentang seseorang, apakah itu ciri fisik atau karakter.

  • Contoh deskripsi fisik: “She’s very thin and beautiful.
  • Contoh deskripsi karakter: “She’s very friendly and outgoing.

Sementara pertanyaan (2) “What does she/he look like?” digunakan untuk menanyakan tentang ciri fisik seseorang saja. Contoh jawaban: “He’s tall.

Written by @EnglishTips4U on June 26, 2011

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