#GrammarTrivia: Hardly

Kata hardly adalah sebuah adverb of degree yang artinya sama dengan ‘hampir tidak.’ Arti kata ‘hardly‘ tidaklah sama dengan kata ‘hard.

  • Contoh:
    • “I hardly know you.”
    • Arti: “Saya hampir tidak mengenalmu.”

hardly‘ bisa diikuti oleh kata kerja (verb) atau kata sifat (adjective).

  • Contoh penggunaan ‘hardly‘ sebelum verb:
    • “I hardly know you.”
  • Contoh penggunaan ‘hardly‘ sebelum adjective:
    • “It’s hardly possible to win an argument with you.”

Terdapat struktur lain yang dapat diaplikasikan dalam penggunaan kata ‘hardly,’ yaitu:

  1.  ‘hardly’ + anyone/anything‘ (hampir tidak seorang pun/ satu hal pun.)
    • Contoh:
      • “I’ve hardly talked to anyone.”
  2. hardly at all‘ (sedikit sekali/ hampir tidak sama sekali.)
    • Contoh:
      • Question: “Do you know her?”
      • Answer: “Hardly at all.”
  3. hardly ever‘ (sangat jarang/ hampir tidak pernah)
    • . Contoh:
      • “I hardly ever go out at night.”

Fella’s questions

Question: “trs kl adverb of manner nya hard apa? nggak ada ya?” – @nnaaomi
Answer: The adverb of manner for ‘hard’ is ‘hard’ (irregular). Example: “I work hard.”

“Berarti adv of manner yg gak blh pake ‘ly’ tu fast dan hard? Selain itu, apalagi?” – @nnaaomi

Answer: Examples of irregular adverbs of manner: hard, fast, well, high, late, near, right, far, forward, early, opposite, etc.

Question: “Kalo dengan keras bahasa inggrisnya apa dong?” – @omeniskomeng

Answer: Dengan keras = hard (ini dinamakan: adverb of manner).

  • Contoh:
    • “I work hard.” (Saya bekerja dengan keras.)

Question: “Ini bener gak: can’t hardly wait ~ tdk dpt (tdk sabar) menunggu.Kenapa can’t, bukan can? Krn hardly sudah menunjukkan ‘tidak'” – @tifasavitri

Answer: The phrase ‘can’t hardly wait’ is a double negative, and considered as incorrect grammar. However, people use it in informal situation/conversation, and has the same meaning as ‘can hardly wait.’


Compiled and written by @EnglishTips4U for @EnglishTips4Uon Thursday, June 23, 2011

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